Taylor Swift New Book Controversies: A Closer Look

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People less excited about the future biography of Taylor Swift by TidalWave Productions. Fans and people who read comic books complained on social media about the cover art by Yonami. A lot of people didn’t like how the video seemed to be true to life, with figures that were too big and didn’t match Taylor Swift’s real-life appearance. What made things worse was that the microphone seemed to be moving over a hand that looked like a claw. This left Swift fans confused and let down.

Taylor Swift New Book Controversies: Going Behind the Scenes with Eric M. Esquivel: The Author Who Has Problems

 Taylor Swift New Book Controversies: A Closer Look

As the fuss grew, it became clear that the biography written by Eric M. Esquivel, a comic book writer who had a great start but lost everything because of some bad claims. His ex-girlfriend Cindy Naugle said that he abused her sexually, mentally, and physically. The backlash caused people who were working with him on his show “Border Town” to quit, and DC quickly shelved the project. Esquivel felt safe at TidalWave Productions, where he wrote biographies of important people and even made a weird comic with Elon Musk as a superhero.

Taylor Swift New Book Controversies: History of Rocky by TidalWave Productions

When people started to look at TidalWave Productions, its past became very clear. The business went out of business in 2003 and use to be linked to Image Comics. It came back to life in 2007 as Bluewater Productions. Bluewater got a lot of attention for printing fake biographies of famous people, which is a lot like the comic that Taylor Swift is planning. People who wrote these books  said to have been mistreated, which made it hard to sell them to teachers and libraries as learning tools. People were very angry that the company paid new producers to work on their shows by offering them fame, which was not true.

Heather MacDonald of The Beat looked closely at Bluewater’s contracts. Also found that they paid based on how many sales they made. Because they hadn’t paid for their work, creators like Sean Gordon Murphy and Jaymes Reed didn’t like this one-of-a-kind set-up. TidalWave Productions, which is now run by its founder Darren G. Davis, doesn’t seem to be stopping, even with all of these issues. It is still publishing, even though it has ties to Esquivel and the project with Taylor Swift that caused waves.

Swift is having trouble with the law.

Some people don’t think Taylor Swift can stop the illegal biography in the middle of the storm. When it comes to these kinds of projects in the US, famous people don’t have a lot of legal choices. In 2010, Bluewater was able to stay out of a case from Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

Taylor Swift and TidalWave Productions involve in a lot of trouble as the story goes on. There are iffy book covers, bad writers, and a rough past as a publisher. Fans and critics can’t wait for the next part of this story, which they believe will change the lives of famous people and the artists who work with them.

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